I've Come to Learn That......

A lie only has power when someone believes it. You need a congregation to have a church, fighters for an army, voters to get elected. You need buyers for wholesale lies. Lie-spreading requires widespread participation. It’s not only that “they”—the government, or organized religions, or the media, or the educators—are cranking out non-truths. It’s that all of us are paying—by choice—for a variety of deceptions with our money, time, and attention. We need to take individual responsibility for the beliefs that animate our lives. We need to acknowledge the ideals that are driving our choices. Danielle La Porte

I've come to learn that:

1. Broken pieces stuck together can make a beautiful picture

2. My friends are my mirrors

3. Coconut bake, corn meal bake in fact all types are straight from heaven (bake is a type of bread)

4. I am allergic to fakeness

5. Everyone is magnificent but some forget, others never knew and some don't know the true meaning of magnificence

6. No matter who is in the room, what you believe they have to offer or take away - be yourself

7. Not enooughness will mash you up!

8. Material things are nice but they automatically cannot turn on your magnificence

9. You can love some people from afar

10. Overthinking is a waste of time

11. Gratitude is life and life affirming

12. The truth needs no defense

13. Wanting to be in control is a form of fear

14. Rest is productive

15. Abundance is a mind set

16. Love does not hide, keep secrets, abuse and control

17. Physical exercise is a way to move the energy, a way to show yourself that you can do anything

18. Decision is a super power- just decide!

19. I have nothing to prove to ,,,,,, anyone!

20. My worth is established only by God

What have you come to learn? Share some with me, you know by now I love to share lessons on the Journey


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