Your Soul Lives True

What you want? Your Soul may have other plans for you Deborah L Johnson

You may have heard me say it before, but I want what I want when I want it
I can bet that many of us want what we want when we want it
And isn't that what we are taught about "making it"
Going after what you want and not taking no for an answer?
How does that philosophy tie in to what our Soul wants for us?
It may not tie in because your Soul's plans trump all, whether we accept it or not
Why? Your Soul has not agenda and wants what's best for you, and it really is that simple
We get clues based on how our life is panning out
and when we ignore it life continues to give you clues.
The job, the relationships, the material things, the friends, the career, you name it
the Soul gives you clues, it is up to us to pay attention


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