Triggers and Reactions

When we are triggered by a situation each of us must learn to stand in our power, speak our truth from a place of integrity and ground our light. Choose not to react to the person in an unbalanced way Sabrine Reber

I know when I am triggered, I get hot behind the ears, I start getting defensive, I want to prove that I am right, I start smiling, I get snarky and maybe I cut you off.
I started paying attention to what triggers me, what triggers a reaction - not a response because a response comes from a different place, from an empowered space, a reaction is off the cuff, it usually comes from a place of fear. I find myself having to apologize for my out of order behaviour when I react rather than respond
Knowing what and when I am triggered is a blessing, it means that I am aware and awareness is the first point of either healing or moving forward
I am triggered when my intentions are unclear or unloving
that is where the trigger-ration starts (I made up that word)

Do you know what are your triggers?
How do you respond or maybe you react?

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