Drop Down and Feel

Drop down into your body and feel. Stacey Hererra

My brother Kyle Jones is a boss at breaking down this, I really wanted to share this:

During childhood, anytime verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse takes place, feelings are too painful to manage. - Being an adaptive species, you learned ways to not feel emotions and abandon the emotional body. 
This emotional abandonment includes:
• taking focus from your body to your head — leading to thinking rather than feeling
• constant looking for love and approval — because of feeling unloved and unworthy inside 
• getting depressed when experiencing loneliness, heartbreak or helplessness — rather than connecting to your feelings
 • striving to become an overachiever to feel better about pain - Acts of emotional abandonment work genius on the surface; but deep inside you suffer depression, anxiety, shame and aloneness.

 These feelings exist because disconnection with your emotional guidance system. Your emotions are information wanting you to tune in and stop abandoning yourself. - 

By stopping abandoning emotions, you become open to the greater reality. You go beyond the human into being. Emotional clarity dominates your experience rather than emotional slavery. -

 How To Tune In For Emotional Clarity: 
1. Understand: Emotional clarity is supreme feeling - taking responsibly for every thought and emotion presented in the moment. 

2. Establish the intention to learn from your emotions rather than intending avoiding them. The intent to learn brings compassion, strength, and healing. On the contrary, avoiding emotions brings inner conflict, unloving behavior, and emotional dependency on others. 

3. When an emotional disturbance takes place, stop what you are doing. It doesn't matter if you are at work, in class, partying or on a plane - stop and connect to what's taking place in your body. Ask: "What information are my feelings communicating right now?" Don't look for a direct answer when you ask this question - but more of an intuitive hunch, then connect, feel and heal. - 


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