The Need to Be Liked

There are times when, for no apparent reason or for no good reason at all, people decide that you are not likable
They may even profess to hate you!
They will say things about you or to you that will hurt your feelings
Sometimes they will go out of their way just to be mean and nasty to you.
No matter how hard you try to make them like you, they won't!
This does not make them bad people. Oh no!
It simply means that they have their "stuff" going on with them that has nothing to do with you
And that will trigger your stuff! That's right!
The behaviour of the people who don't like you will bring up your abandonment issues. 
Your issues of being rejected
Your issues of not being good enough or not doing things right enough
The minute you discover that somebody you think is important doesn't like you, all your people pleasing stuff will be triggered, and you will be forced to deal with it. 
What a blessing! This is precisely the stuff you need to heal - Until Today

So in my morning reading this popped up! I read it again, and again, and again because it was just so relevant to me at the time, every single word!
firstly, everyone doesn't have to like you, secondly, it's their stuff and most importantly, it triggers our own stuff as a indication that there is some healing and feeling and dealing to take place!
Indeed a blessing
So step out today knowing that you are totally light, totally empowered and totally equipped to deal with any of the stuff that surfaces

Not enoughness will mash you up!



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