What Do You Thing You Absolutely Need and Why?

That’s what crisis does. It comes into your life, and you have to watch everything you thought you needed fall away.  Glennon Doyle Mellon

I have a very interesting relationship with the word "need" I have read and listened to a number of views about "need" and at times confuses me because I believe that many of the things that I think I need I really really don't. I want them. And then there is a part of me that thinks about how we as humans are not meant to do this gift of life alone. So here I am in the middle of needs and wants and the feelings associated with them
So this is how I have rationalized it thus far

I ask myself, if I believe that I cannot live without a person or thing that I wasn't born with, then it has gone past a need that is an addiction- take back the responsibility for your life
Always comes down to the simple solution

I thought I needed quite a few things and they all fell away in a tide, here I am still standing, I didn't die- sometimes I thought I would, but that was just a feeling in response to my own ignorance and shame, It actually cleared space for me to live a totally different life, one with less hanging on to "things I need"
It also allowed me to know that I will always get what I need when I need it
But the chocolate, oh the chocolate, that's the biggest struggle!

Ask yourself- what do you believe you need or cannot do without and why?
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