Generosity is A Growth Strategy

Make generosity part of your growth strategy. Don’t wait. Don’t wait until your stuff is selling or you’ve got enough of a cushion in your bank account. Don’t wait until you’ve got more time. Give now. Danielle La Porte

Say thank you through support and circulation. Beware of getting into the “helping out the less fortunate, oh we’ve been blessed with all this let’s help those other ones who don’t have as much as we do”
If that’s the consciousness nothing is ever going to change, that’s not why you help. You help because they are your brothers and sisters who have just as much right to the abundance as you have. You help as an affirmation of their possibility. You help to level the playing field because you understand the concept of to whom much is given much is required. You help because it is your responsibility to circulate the blessings that you have, because it is your responsibility to leave here better than you met it.
How do you support? Just show up! Each and every one of us has an opportunity every single day to do a little more. What energy are you releasing? We all have the power to do something in some small way. Peace!!!



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