Are You Willing to Try Another Way?

Human beings are creatures of habit. We do what we know,what is comfortable and what we "think" will work. There are, however, those occasions when "our" way is not "the" way to get us to our goal. When your way doesn't work, don't be disheartened. You must be willing to try another way - Iyanla Vanzant

Ask yourself, is the way I am approaching my goals and dreams working?
Is my life working in the way I envision - am I at peace, do I feel joy, gratitude, content and love?
Or am I filled with anxiety, dread, resentment and confusion?
Is it manifesting itself in your life by the way you eat, or maybe drink, treat people or perhaps don't treat people?

For me it is clear, I go by how I feel because I have long learnt that my feelings are guides.
I ask myself how do I feel about this?
And then I am willing to do something different - took a while because of course, habits, fear, not wanting to be wrong, people pleasing and sometimes pure ole fashioned laziness

When I became willing to do something different, to pattern interrupt I started running as a form of exercise. Now running is a part of my life, I enter races sometimes to push myself. I started speaking out in public and volunteering for it- now its a big part of my service. And most importantly they both make me feel happy and at peace

What have you been holding on to because "its just the way that I am" or maybe "I grew up this way" or " I am going to prove them wrong" ask yourself that then ask yourself if it's not working then why hang on to it?

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