Life Goes in Cycles

Life goes in cycles. There is a time to do something, and then there is a time to move on - Louise Hay

When the time comes for us to move on, the Universe will make us so uncomfortable , it will make us wake up, it will give us signs and signals whether we pay attention or not.
Look at nature, there are seasons, there are times for rain, time for sun, time for the poui flowers, time for the sun to shine, and the moon to be full.
Human love sameness and control, especially when there are unhealed wounds or stuff backed up that was not healthily released
so we want sameness, we want to know what time this happens, what time that happens, we want to hold on for dear life, we want the cycle to last forever
Newsflash - it really doesn't work that way
Everything is fleeting
Everything is for a time,
Everything is for a season
Know when it is your time to start, when it is your time to move on, it is your time for a change
It really will be okay in the end


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