As long as we get out of the way there is always a greater possibility

“With our technologies we have turn our whole world into a neighborhood but we have yet to transform it into a brotherhood or a sisterhood” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

There was a commotion outside the compound, I caught it just as I was about to take my morning jog and take advantage of the awesomeness of an African sunrise. The people were looking angry, agitated and animated. I spotted Emma in the melee. Emma is the guy who takes care of the compound, he called me I get there and lo and behold they are beating this man senseless!! My jaw hit the floor, Emma says “madam this is a thief and this is how we deal with them” I said “Emma they are beating this man, oh dear!!” his response was “madam do you like thieves? Do you want thieves in the village? This is what thieves get, you don’t act like you are on the thief’s side or you get some of the beating”. Ok then!!!
They beat the man, break his hands and feet then the police came and put him in the police van.

So what did I learn?
We are connected to one another, all human problems stem from a sense of separation. Separation from each other, separation from ourselves, separation from our material good, separation from our spiritual selves, separation from our freedom. It provokes power imbalances and invokes self preservation.  For me, I see everyone coming from the same source, a oneness and that oneness is a choice that I have made. I have chosen to evolve beyond the golden rule of do unto others to a transcendent oneness, one of inclusion. I can choose to resolve conflict because I have the power to deescalate tension, get out of the way and know that there is a great possibility! I choose to believe that we are all one and find another way! That’s just me, if it means I take a beating then so be it, it’s the choice I made!


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