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Life will not be denied! No matter how many bombs, gun fired the sun comes up, the birds sing; life will not ever be denied so why worry!  You just show up ready!  Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

 So this is the scene, think of a village, green lush open spaces, nothing a “Westerner” would consider “valuable”. There is no electricity, everything is powered by two solar panels, no running water, the pump is about two miles away, no flat screen TV’s, no fancy dining sets. Just some small brick houses, children running around playing, more fruits than you can imagine, watermelons, pawpaw’s (the biggest that I have ever seen), pineapples, mangoes. Other crops like sweet potatoes, corn, maize, spinach. They are having a V&S that’s a Village and Savings Committee meeting. The women get together to save money and decide how the cash is spent. Anyways. I get there and trust me it is one of the best lessons of my journey thus far.

She said “Who are you madam?” I respond “I am from VSL here to do the training”. “Madam who are YOU?” I respond “I am Akosua here to do the training/meeting with the group”. “Madam, who are YOU?” Now I was thinking maybe it’s my accent! Then she said my daughter, do you know who I am? I said yes you are the chairperson of the Village group. No my daughter. Not for one moment do you ever think that you are your job, your status, your title, your family life. You have this thing where you come and say I hold this title from this organisation that is not you! Me, I am divine, I am patient, I am the conduit through which this village will improve through education and love. Then, from who I am comes everything that I do and what I earn whether it is financially or any other way. I can tell you are smart, maybe you have about three University Degrees, a nice car perhaps, some money in the bank? but do not be mistaken for one minute, that’s not who you are ? All that can vanish in very many seconds.  Who you are determines what you do and then you get what you have! Sit over there for a moment and think about who you are then come back and tell me my daughter.  We only begin when you know who you are. All I could say was ok! So I was there for about an hour and a half thinking wow, who am I? What a simple question and all I can come up with is my name and where I work! Hmmm

I went back to her; she asked me again who are you? I am Akosua, some call me Yaki, I am divine, courageous, patient and compassionate, I am a child of the Source of all things, abundance and overflowing with every single thing that I need while I am here in this form. I am love, and I am here in Service!
She gave me a big hug and said Welcome, let’s start this my daughter!! Always remember all those fancy titles and things you own says something about you but they can never be who you are, once you know who you are you will always, always be on purpose.



  1. True words...who you are is often mistaken for what title you have or what up have acquired. When the day of reckoning comes, our status has no bearing there, it's the good you have achieved in live that makes all the difference

    ...You've definately stamped that you are a lady of the Caribbean by the spelling of pronounciation of papaya..paw paw....A so wi do it to :-)

  2. Lady of the Caribbean all the way sis!!!


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