Electricity finally came back!

Show up and make your contribution; introduce a novel idea; start that new business; and make your presence known. Make your move now (Les Brown motivational speaker)
 Life out here is always a lesson and adventure. One of the things that I have had to accept is that electricity is not a given! For the past two days it has been in very scarce supply! It finally was restored today. Coming from an environment where it’s a given it did take some getting used to not having constant power! Not being in the situation where you switch on the lights and they work all the time! But I have learnt that when you argue with reality you suffer! The power goes and I moan and groan and say “not again” and the locals watch me and say “what’s the matter madam?” this is our reality!  I admit I do not understand the society here, no running water, intermittent power and basic amenities are not a given! Despite all the challenges there are many people doing their bit to make things better, I know that things will change out here, maybe not in this generation but someday it will. People are waking up!

So what did I learn?
There are some things that I have no control over but I have control over my response and reaction to it!



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