What we experience is our own concept of things.

What we experience is our own concept of things. That is why no two people see quite the same world, and why, in many cases, different people see such different worlds. To put it in another way, we make our own world by the way in which we think; for we really do live in a world of our own thoughts. It follows from this that if our thinking is faulty, our conditions must be faulty too until our thinking is corrected; and that it is useless to try to improve outer things if we leave our own mentality unchanged. Emmett Fox author

T.D Jakes puts in so nicely, he says “you maybe just one thought away from your purpose, from your dream, what are you thinking?” I admit, I was living an unconscious life, living randomly and one of my many women “teachers” said to me. Just going along not paying attention to my thoughts, core beliefs and consciousness, status quo, school, work, marriage, house. I believed that it was why we are here? Well I have learnt that its part of the deal not the entire pack! Now I am more and more present, I pay attention to the thoughts that pass through this mind that I was gifted with. Thoughts become things, and part of the lesson is that thoughts, words and deeds MUST be in alignment.

So what did I learn today?

 Most of us are at crossroads, we think one thing, do another, say something else and feel none of the above and then we wonder why the results in our own lives are so scattered.  We affirm what we want for 30 seconds and then talk about what we don’t want or can’t get for 30 hours. We contradict ourselves .It’s like having the best cow with the best milk, you milk the cow get the best milk watch it then kick the pail over. Thought, word and deed must must must be in alignment!






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