There is no power in fear, or in any activities that are generated in fear.

There is no power in fear, or in any activities that are generated in fear. There is no power in a thought form of fear, even if it is supported by armies” Gary Zukav author

I was driving to base yesterday and stuck in traffic, walking past me I counted seven men walking with a huge machine gun slung across their shoulders. It struck me, I decided to pay attention. Within that time I counted eleven men walking with large machine guns either in their hands or across their chest or back either walking,  riding a bike or standing waiting for a taxi.

Got to base I wanted to find out about this new “sighting” I asked how come those guys have guns in the morning. They told me that they are on their way to work. Hmm so do they take the guns home? Yes some of them do! Madam this is a police state have you forgotten that we are ruled by the army?

After that I noticed that there are guns everywhere, at the supermarket, at the bank, everywhere!
I am not convinced that ruling through fear is the way to go, so far, by all accounts it really hasn’t been. They told me that one needs to be strong and fearless to run the country as there are 56 tribes! Can we be strong and fearless without guns? I think so. There are examples of this all over the world! Ghandi, Mandela...
So what did I learn today?
I prefer the peaceful approach to solutions, to honour the collective oneness in my brothers and sisters. Guns to me say that in order to get my way someone has to lose, die or perish. I subscribe to the view that influencing people can be done through inspiration and motivation rather than control and fear!



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