How do you meet limited circumstances?

There is no such thing as damaged goods, lost causes, failure. There is however limited circumstances such as money, public opinion etc. The miracle worker is one who refuses to meet limited circumstances with limited thinking (Marianne Willamson, author)

A so called penny dropping moment, some refer to it as an A-HA moment! I just got it! I totally understand it at a whole other level now- this acting out of love, out of service. It must line up in every single part of my life. From work to home!! It cannot be a part time thing! It must be in thought, words and actions!
So the conversation was about bills and debt, an offer was made to me to stick around here in Africa much longer than my contracted period. I said hmm I have a lot of debts and really I will have to think about this because even though I am happy and grateful for everything here, I really do this for love not money and maybe it’s time for me to own up to my responsibilities to start meeting them and making some cash to pay off these debts.

So what did I learn?

Firstly, change your thoughts; the entire “not having enough” is a thought and a mindset which permeates throughout my entire life! Secondly, the Universe is limitless and that is all! Thirdly, service is the path its not about what I can get, it’s about what I can give! That simple change will adjust my consciousness from lack to abundance! We step into abundance by giving with a mindset that the Universe is limitless.
 I must step into my power, power, in this case, means I meet limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts your circumstances may be limited but the Universe is unlimited. I have been having more faith in limited circumstances than in my possibility. As I begin to uplift my thinking unlimited circumstances will start to transform. So decisions to be made, I learn so much on this journey and I give thanks for it!



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