Get up every day and apply yourself, be authentic, trust your instincts

The journey is filled with ups and downs. Don't confuse the two as ever being everlasting. Get up every day and apply yourself, be authentic, trust your instincts and know that the more you apply yourself the better you get day by day. The day you are waiting for is the day you want to give up, that is when you MUST keep going. That's the barrier between normal and greatness. — (Jackson Kiddard Author and polymath)

 Many of us think of greatness as being famous and doing some sort of super extraordinary thing. I’ve learnt that being great starts with being authentic, with having humility and providing service to your fellow brothers and sisters. Doing your best in the circumstances that you are in and striving towards making the world you live in better than how you found it. Why do we wait one single moment to be follow our purpose? I’ve learnt here that you can start where ever you are! You can be a light wherever you are right now, you can do your best wherever you are right now. A lot of us are waiting for circumstances to change to do what we know we ought to do. Life is always in session!
Right in a village there are women giving advice to the younger folks, making trips to town to sell their produce to earn money for their children school fees, They are literally building new houses, working on the farms and signing up for  training despite seemingly dire circumstances. What if they waited? I look at that and think wow, pretty awesome and it confirms that there is nothing more powerful than a made up mind. They know that the next generation will be better than they were. That’s being great! They may never be famous, they may never receive an award, they may never get an ounce of recognition! And so what? It’s not about that! Its about service and making the world they live in a better place.
We love to moan about the little things and while we moan we are doing nothing to change our circumstances, outsourcing it to whoever we believe is responsible for our problems! News flash, it’s your responsibility!

So what did I learn today?
Instead of seeing the gift in where we are, what we have, who we are, all we see are the problems, the challenges, the what we still have to do! Guess what? Then you lose the gift! Your ingratitude costs you!

Give thanks!



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