Trust me it's your promise!

I want my life to be an incredible demonstration of faith (DeVon Franklin author and filmmaker)

I always love the time I spend with the head of this wonderful project, yesterday we were discussing the way forward on training the farmers up in the North and for me being present, paying attention I truly believe that entrepreneurs from Africa are a different breed. Why? For me, against all the odds, the lack of support, the little or crumbling structures,  the perception that women are not to be outside of the homes, all the challenges stacked up against them and yet, despite it all they thrive! Added to that with her, she is from the conflict area herself!
I said to her, what you have achieved is awesome, she said “achieve? What did I achieve? I am still learning and keeping my head above water but I will tell you something never, ever underestimate the value of passion. You passion and vision will pull you through all the tough times”

So what did I learn today?
It’s not your problems that keep you up at night, it’s your promise! It’s your promise that’s saying see me don’t let me be eclipsed by the drama the circumstances and conditions that’s blinding your eyes right now, take off the blinders! Problems don’t stir you up it’s your promise.
Your promise is always there, your promise it can’t be undone its always there, your power is always there. You are abundant over anything you can imagine, don’t get stuck in the facts it just data it has no information until you give it meaning. You give the facts meaning!  What meaning are you giving the facts and what are facts? They are subject to change anyway. Know who you are, know what you are! Do you know that you never run dry?



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