Miracles are our birthright

Miracles are our birthright. We don't need to earn them, we just need to accept them as our truth. The only thing blocking us from living a miraculous life is our disbelief. Our lack of faith karate chops the miracle and disconnects us from our power. The only thing we need to experience a miracle is the willingness to see Love over fear. Gabby Bernstein author

There are some interesting laws here that govern the ownership of land, working in the agricultural area I am exposed to these laws and immediately have to kick in my “open mindedness” Yesterday, the discussion was on the fact that once married in some areas the women are not allowed to own the land, if the man dies the land passes over to his brother or other male relative in the family. One woman decided to fight this, it just takes one right? She was promptly evicted with her children by the new “land owners” who by the way is “family”. With very little income and three children she found a room in another part of the village. She said after giving it some thought I decided I have lived in that house for over ten years, I have worked on the land contributing to the household income I believe I deserve the right to live there comfortably with my children. She packed up and went back to the house. Mind you this is a small mud and brick structure! When she did, they removed the roof and called the police who informed her that she is wrong and has to move! She persisted and here she is now going to everyone she knows to assist her in not just repairing the roof but in getting what she believes is rightfully hers.

My jaw was on the floor, what could I say? I admire your courage, persistence and determination! This is one that spoke up, what about the others? It just takes one act, one decision to change things doesn’t it?

So what did I learn today?
You can’t start the experiment that it doesn’t work! You have to start with the assumption that it works! It is not in the doing. It’s not what you do it’s who you are! and if you are doing anything it is because you can become something, the doing isn’t about the doing its about who you become. Catch that! She wants the right thing for her and her family and everything that she does drives that no matter the consequences. There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind!


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