The Answer is really in you!

We are blinded by looking outside of ourselves, the answers are in you and there will be signs that ALWAYS point you back to you! Deborah L Johnson (author)

The concept of value came up yesterday. Value of self mainly! How do you value yourself? What an absolutely beautiful question! Had me thinking for a hot minute! “you people” Now when that phrase begins a conversation I have learnt that a lesson is coming and to pay attention! “you people always look to someone else to value everything you do, this is from the smallest thing to the largest, you do a painting, the value is based on someone else, your house is valued by someone else, your qualifications by someone else, that is not my standard, I place the value on me and my work and that is all”

I thought about that for a moment and realised that I have been guilty of that. I relied on external validation for many things. I was of the belief that if my family, my friends, the status quo didn’t say hey well done, or you are doing the right thing or having their approval then I was either doing something wrong or should not do it; but I have learnt that living a fulfilled life is to be 100% self approved. That to me means, following your gut, listening to your intuition, doing your absolute best and letting go of the outcome. I have learnt that although having other people’s opinion is important it is not what I have to look to for approval. Even when done with the best of intentions, many times people want you to live their own dream which in almost all cases is totally different to your own. You alone know what your dream is!!

So what did I learn today?
There's nothing wrong with external validation. It's just that external validation cannot serve as a foundation to internal validation. Without an internal structure of self validation, one tends to spend too much time searching. Seeking something never to be received from anyone other than self.



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