What are your genuine needs, and what are the needs your have created for other reasons?

Ask yourself what is the difference between your essential needs and your artificial needs. What are your genuine needs, and what are the needs your have created for other reasons, to control, or to manoeuvre others, or to gain attention? Know yourself deeply and clearly enough to recognize what is a legitimate need of you as a human being and you as that part of yourself that created needs for certain reasons- such as to gain external notice, or prestige, or become a distinguishable individual. Learn to identify these and then choose which you wish to live with. Gary Zukav author

Vivos asked me a question she said “Madam, do you think that women are here on earth just to work for men and make children” totally random and out of the blue. I said hmm where did that question come from Vivos? The floodgates were opened! I must confess I never really sat down and chatted with Vivos in detail but on this day I was around so the opportunity presented itself I guess.  She said to me that she left the village to come into the city for a better life, she did not want to be carrying water on her head with a baby strapped to her without options. She wanted options. She said at the age of seventeen a man she barely knew came and offered twelve cows, gomesi and other items to her family for her. She was to be married to him which would increase the wealth of her family tremendously! Cows represent considerable wealth. She said I dreamt about going to school so I asked will I be able to go to school while I become a wife. They said no you will have no time for that. So I left, I just left. I worked and saved for school I started University and after my second year I ran out of money so I am now working here to save but I want to have a family one that I choose! “How is it in your country madam?” Is it really different?

So what did I learn today?
No matter where you are, what your circumstances, your imagination and drive is the start of the change in your life. Vivos was not exposed to all the “Western” ways but she was determined to go to school no matter what the circumstances! YOU are the most powerful force in your life and no one can deprive you of this power unless you allow them to. God gave you the freedom to pursue your own unique path and it is up to you to reclaim your divine birthright to create the life you want.



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