What has your attention?

The power has been gone for days! It was getting to me, honestly!!! So I got all stroppy, bloody Arsenal playing in the FA Cup I want to see that match! How you people deal with this electricity thing? Every day electricity plays hide and seek, jeezan ages!!!  Then I start moaning about the women filling water, the moaning just started, I don’t understand this whole water thing walking for miles to fill this yellow container, if I see another yellow container again it better not be on a woman’s head!! So as soon as it left my mouth the response came.

Madam Akosua, What exactly is it about YOUR life that has YOUR attention? Don’t give your attention to things that doesn’t deserve it. For what purpose are you giving it your attention anyway? Is it to find fault with yourself or with others? What you give your attention to it grows, it manifests, pay attention!

When you have the intention of living your life from the place of awareness, from consciousness you can fill all things that have your attention with this. Be careful of the legacy that you leave because it remains long after your physical body has deteriorated, What has your attention? What are you accessible to? What do you show up for? Drama? Love? Service? Complaint?  What my friend? what? Sit with that for a moment!! You are the one who keeps saying that everything here is a lesson yes? You see all situations that come your way has a gift got you, a blessing for you. Every situation will reflect back to you what you are paying attention to in your life.

My famous intelligent response – OK!




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