Be anxious about NADA!!

If you knew you had a choice about what kind of life you could be living, would you choose different? If you knew failure is impossible, what would you do? If it were true that everyone you meet is you in another body, how would you treat them? If love was the true currency of the Uni-verse and the more you gave away the more you received, how would you spend it? If fear were the biggest illusion and the greatest lie of all time, how would you choose to live your life? If the Uni-verse always supported a life lived towards achieving dreams, how big would you dream? Jackson Kiddard author

I love Jackson Kiddard’s work, and what’s even better with it is that he walked his talk! I read his stuff when I realize that I am choosing to enter the pity party club! Because I now make an effort to pay attention to what I am feeling I become aware when I am paying the fee to enter the pity club to party! Awareness is the first step to being conscious and also to healing!

So yesterday I was dressed up and ready to enter the pity party. Why is it that the things I want to achieve is coming so slow or not coming at all? Where do I find some food that I like, wouldn't it be nice to call up some friends now and go and hang out, talk and laugh? Blah blah, blah!! Then I caught myself and I was like wait a minute. Did anyone force you to be here? Did you not choose this? Do you not love what you are doing? Do you not believe that your blessings have your name on it? So let’s blow this pity party!!  I went to my David Rudder archive and changed the party to one with him and me dancing down the place in Kampala!! Had a better time there!! Must apologize to the other members of the compound today for all the noise!!

So what did I learn?
Feel the feelings, acknowledge them and then act! I have learnt that my blessings have my name on them there is no need to be anxious about anything. A wise woman told me hurry birds don’t build good nest! Being anxious will not help to add anything more than stress and worry! I have learnt that patience is experiencing the journey fully and consciously rather than rushing to experience a particular result! Live in the now moment and know that now is all that you have for sure! Just know that your life is good with a capital G!!!
Be anxious about NADA!


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