Desire or Addiction?

If you absolutely cannot envision or imagine being a happy person without the object or the experience of your desire, then you do not have a desire at all, but an addiction  (Neale Donald Walsh author)

I heard many a time that happiness is a choice, that it is an inside job and that no one but me is responsible for my happiness and it really meant nothing to me until everything I thought would bring me happiness was no longer a part of my life!, my job, my money, my relationship. At first I was a hot mess! I was losing weight, I was losing sleep, you name it it was happening! It’s wonderful when you start asking answers of the Universe and stay present enough to pay attention to the answers.  I learnt that the entire concept of happiness beginning inside started to all make sense to me, trust me it works!! And what has solidified my belief in this is being here on this project in Africa!

I have seen some of the happiest people and by my “old” standards why would they be happy, they have little or none of the material possessions that many of us believe that makes us happy. I am talking about basics such as a television and radio, no car, no designer label clothes, no gym and weight loss campaign and latest electronic gadgets! And they are as happy as ever, offering you a meal with items from the garden! How awesome is that? And that is not to say that they are not working to make a better life for themselves and their family, they are! However, they are happy in the moment and not waiting for any external event to trigger their happiness.

I've learnt that there is nothing outside of YOU that can be the answer to YOU! Your wholeness can never be outside of yourself! Right now, I have made a choice to be happy by doing something every single day that brings me joy despite the external circumstances. Awesomeness all round!

So what did I learn?
Most of us don’t experience joy because we are in judgement of the conditions. It is not the condition that is standing the way of our joy but it is the judgement of the condition!
The judgement that you have for somebody or something locks you in and steals your joy!
All you have to do is make your happiness and joy more important than anything else such as your anger and judgement! It’s just that simple!!


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