Step into your power

“Making a decision is only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision he/she is diving into a strong current that will carry them places that they have never dreamed of, when they first made that decision” Unknown

I truly believe that decision is power! When a decision is made and thought, word and deed is alignment that is the start of things to come, which is the beginning of miracles.
I see it every day, even with me. I dance around the issue and either procrastinate or ignore and its either things get worse or I stress myself out! A lot of time the delay in making decisions is due to our tendency to avoid pain or fear of the unknown. But I have learnt that acting out of love rather than fear always produces the results that are right for me at that particular point in time.
So I am battling with a making a decision about how  I will move forward with not just being here in Uganda but my life path in general and this is what came to mind this morning, thought I would share!

So what did I learn today?
Make a decision and go for it! Step into your power, be courageous and stop allowing other people to make decisions for you. Choose to live from the center of your being and become the director of your own life.


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