How do you use your Power?

Many of us use our power incorrectly. We are either powerless and don't believe in ourselves or we use our power to dominate and control others. Oftentimes, we give our power away to families, friends, churches, governments, and doctors because we don’t want to accept responsibility for ourselves and make the changes necessary to transcend everything holding us back from reaching our highest soul’s potential. We falsely believe it is easier to allow others to figure everything out for us, telling us what to do, rather than relying on our own abilities and intuitive wisdom from our inner being (from t he book Raising the Vibration)

Accepting responsibility for your actions can be tough! No one wants to be “wrong”, to “look bad” but a funny thing happens when you actually take responsibility for your actions, you move forward, you become free for want of a better word. Taking responsibility to me means also being held accountable and forgiving yourself.
I have learnt that it is one of the first step in healing, moving your life forward, accepting your purpose and living a self approved life. It is so easy to blame, to point a finger. Trust me, I have learnt that all of that is a cop out! Sure, stuff happens that is out of your control but your response to it is well within your control!

One of my best lessons here and what I hear often is “there are no victims here” When you act like a victim you give away your power! How awesome an attitude is that? Coming from a place of Nothing and NO-thing, they accept the reality and got busy in taking responsibility for a writing a new chapter of their lives . I remind myself of it every day when the little things creep into my consciousness to try and over take me! Power is ME! Power is the ability TO DO! I can do and therefore I am powerful! Awesomeness all round!

 So what did I learn today?

Stop reminding yourself how badly you did in the past. It is not helpful to keep reminding yourself unless you are looking at it for the value of the experience.
Make sure you know the game that you are in sometimes we start the game and don’t know what it is! Know and more than that act like you know!

Tell yourself  the radical truth, stay focused.




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