Standing in pure expectancy

At some point the thing that you are praying/working for can’t be out there, there must be some connectedness to it, something has to shift in YOU. There is a realisation that it’s now; it’s here a possibility consciousness. You don’t need a blueprint, you have released all the reasons why not, in your mind it’s a done deal ain’t nobody can tell you nothing! It’s a place of gratitude, there’s thanksgiving and it’s not after the fact it’s not like give me something and I will say thank you! Standing in pure expectancy and you are not letting the problems define you, it’s a joy knowing that the freedom is coming! Deborah L Johnson author

I had absolutely no plans of being in Uganda, of working here at any point! My focus was working with women entrepreneurs in any way that they need. I’ve learnt to trust the process. I was in Ottowa at the UN Women meeting, I was asked to moderate a session with women entrepreneurs from developing countries on emerging trends and how these can be leveraged.  I was preparing for the session in the room assigned to us and in walks this woman who said Good morning. I looked up and what a presence! Tall, slim, dark, in her traditional African dress looking like a warrior princess! I started to feel a little nervous!

The meeting starts and she introduced herself, she is from Uganda and her concern was climate change and gender sensitization. After the session, there was an award ceremony and this same lady was honoured for her work in Uganda! I thought yes, warrior!!!  

Fast forward one year later and I am here in Uganda learning lessons from the warrior about humility, dedication, hard work, self-love and service! Last week she became really ill with, hospitalized and in a bad way! The talk on the base is that “madam never gets ill” The place was quiet! There was a hush around the place! She is out of the hospital now and doing well and having spoken to her briefly she says “what’s it going to take to keep this thing I have started alive? How do we keep this thing going? It must not only be me!”

So what did I learn today?
Every day in every way the things you do are creating history and changing the world that you live in, it is our choice to make that change positive or not!! I have a responsibility! I must listen to the people in my world. No conversation is without meaning. Heighten my senses. Pay attention. Don’t dismiss the ordinary. In fact, see the most ordinary as the most extraordinary of my day. You just never know where the lessons and the blessings will come from,  my history will be kind to me because I am going to help write it!



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