Do you block your intuitive voice?

You should see everything about your life as a lesson. Ask, "Am I empowering myself?" Even for a tiny thing, like if you're in the grocery store and you're thinking, "Should I buy that?" And your gut says, "You know you can't eat that." If you decide not to listen, you've harmed yourself by blocking your intuitive voice .Carolyn Myss author

Go for the joy! Oh just go for the joy! I just reached to a point where I refuse to be sad and anxious anymore! That is over!! The anxiety and proving myself to myself is over!!  I decided to go for the joy! To do something every single day that brings me joy!  It’s an internal experience that takes your mind to a whole other place, it feeds and nurtures your soul and is led by your soul. Going for the joy is allowing myself to be vulnerable because I know I can’t be hurt, I am in my rightful place, I’m powerful and  in my  own place, it doesn’t matter what other people do! Doesn’t mean that I don’t get upset or don’t have challenges but still I go for the joy because I deserve it all and it’s in me!
So what did I learn today?

 As long as we make our joy dependent people places and things we are indebted to those people, places and things, we are enslaved to it. In my mind if my good is as a result of people places and things then I am going to forever be desperate to hold on and try to keep that person place or thing but it’s ME, it’s ME. it’s who I am and when I can allow myself to realise that no matter what is going on the sun still shines, the birds still sing babies are born, there’s coconut bake in abundance and chocolate to eat!!
What brings you joy? Do you even know? And how much of it do you have in your life, on a daily basis? Not once in a while or after all the bills are paid? Go for the joy!!!


  1. Health and strength and knowing that you can be guided by the Most High if we would only take some time to listen - This should be enough to give us joy...many don't even have a roof over their heads or nutricious food to eat and good health should never be taken for granted


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