STEP UP with your head up!

Do not be a slave to what used to be. Be open and willing to do a new thing in a new way. It’s about a new level so STEP UP with your head up! Iyanla Vanzant
Happy New Year to you and your family.  May 2013 bring you abundance, prosperity and all you desire. 2013 met me around a huge fire playing drums and dancing! What a way to ring in the New Year! If anyone told me that I was going to be doing that I would say you must be joking!! I am not even sure how I ended up there but I found myself looking at drumming and dancing outside under a full moon and stars. Talk about doing something out of character but I have learnt that it’s ok to do new things and I committed to myself before coming to Africa that I will keep an open mind! What an awesome night! I will always remember it for as long as I live!

What are you committed to in 2013?  I am also committed to be authentic, to show up as me all the time, I am committed to doing my best in all situations and letting go of the outcome, I am committed to honouring myself and doing everything in and with love. I’ve learnt that when you honor yourself, every single thing you do comes from that place.
Next week I will be moving to the North of the country, a big challenge. 20 years of conflict and women who were "abducted" and trained as soldiers to kill on sight, to become wives of soldiers, to make baby soldiers. I am going with an open mind and an open heart and will do my best in whatever situation I am asked to serve. Wish me luck



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