There is enough

If you’re always in a hurry, always trying to get ahead of the other guy or someone else’s performance is what motivates you, then that person is in control of you. Wayne Dyer

I was having a conversation yesterday about my Safari; apparently there are many natural minerals and an abundance of natural resources in that area. So my question was how come then there seems to be so much lack? This is what I learnt.
There is enough! There is enough food, water and wealth for all of us in this land! The problem my sister is the perception that there is not enough for all, the problem is when we disobey the laws of nature and dishonor ourselves. Have you ever thought about the sun and if there's enough sunshine for all on a particular sunny day? No! maybe because you who want to "own" everything cannot touch capture and sell the sun? We humans create our own problems with trying to "own" what doesn't rightfully belong to us. Then the bacchanal starts!! 

We want to own the land with gold, diamonds, minerals and good soil! It’s been gifted to us for our use, comfort and lives while we are here in this form on this earth! And then we try, we do anything to get a piece, to own it, to say it is ours rather than to just use and enjoy it. The efforts to own cause many to dishonor themselves and the laws of nature and when we feel threatened, all hell breaks loose to try to keep it! My friend, it is not meant to be that way! Doing those things do not promote your freedom or mine.  All this talk about the environment and saving it! The reason you believe it needs to be saved is because you know you disrespected it and think the benefits will run out! Listen to me, honor the laws of nature, honor yourself and know that the earth and its contents are enough, limitless and not anyone's to fight their brothers and sisters to "own".

So what did I learn today?
Many of the “things” we believe that will give us freedom, many times keeps us in bondage!
There is enough, there is always enough! There is never any need to dishonor and disrespect yourself and your brothers and sisters for what is “yours”.  Your blessings have your name on it! Catch that!


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