95% is an A

Just in case I’m not making myself clear: It’s typical in this being human that we don’t ever want to be seen as the one who is unprepared. That we have to have everything lined up, so that we aren’t seen to slip up.
95% is ready enough. Dawn Moxie

I do, I am not a big talker, thinker or one that waits! I want to do something and I do it
It sometimes gets me in big big trouble, however I have decided and accepted  that I prefer the trouble than the procrastination and fear in waiting, I have stopped beating myself up about it as well
Perfection is not a requirement to start anything, willingness and courage is!
According to Dawn Moxie 95% in an exam is an A so when I am 95% ready I go!
I go and I learn as I move
So ask yourself are you genuinely not ready or are you just scared?


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