Expect the Unexpected and Handle It

Nothing in our lives can happen to us unless our soul is in agreement to experience it. There are no victims, each of us are responsible for our own creations Sabrina Reur

I was thinking today that my life will be so boring if I knew everything that was going to happen and when! I love surprises, it is confirmed! I love it when unexpected things pop up daily and I get to experience all the feelings that come with them, and not all of the experiences are the happy smiley type, however, I get to see my response, which many times show me where I am and what I am attracting into my space. My response to people and situations is up to me, that much I know, people do what they do based on who they are and their experiences and lessons and so do I and my vibrations attact like people and situations so when I am on a low vibe- continuously, I get a wake up call
So I hit another car,not paying attention because of what? I accepted to to a job that my intuition told me not to do, I was bitching to high heaven and making up excuses to do it goingagainst my gut- for days. I then decided that ok I am not doing it and picked up the phone to call and make apologies for it, as I picked up the phone they called at the same time I thought hmm they must be reading my mind, low and behold they were calling to "make sure that I come today" and blah blah blah I meekly said yes, jumped in the car and bam, destroyed the bumper!
And the best part is the car I was driving is not mine! So pissed I was
Then I said hmmm according to Ms Lauren Hill - consequence is no coincidence
So,here's the lesson - listen to your gut, say no and mean it, say it nicely if you can, raise the vibe and know that you can handle the unexpected!


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