Follow the path in your heart

Talk the way you talk. Think the way you think. Wear your scars. Do what you were called to do, not what you want to do. Follow the path in your heart, not the path that you see many others travel. Tony Gaskins

Today I told someone I have a fake person shield and blocker, the fake ones just approach and bound off the shield, they just cannot come around me and penetrate the shield. She laughed, but I truly believe that I do,  I see them coming and I know the shield will come up and either block them or block me. I may not even know what happened, I may have genuinely like the person but the shield doesn't care, it just works and the person cannot penetrate it no matter what I may try all I might but the person cannot penetrate! The lesson is though is compassion, and to show love to them - from afar.......
Why do we put such unrealistic expectations on ourselves? there is a different in being yourself and being perfect. Who's perfect any ole how? Newsflash! No one!!!

So show up, as you are, open mind, willing spirit, ego in check and see what magic happens
There is nothing to prove
There is nothing to lose
There is no one to impress
There is just you, showing up in all your magnificence that you were born with, all of us, that we have forgotten or never told or just don't know


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