Measure your life with love. Of others. Of you.

Measure your life with love. Of others. Of you.  Measure with joy, from deep and lasting support. Measure it in what you give. Measure in what you feel. Measure only from your heart to your soul. Maxie Mc Coy

There's things. So many things. Things and things and things and things. We collect things. We store things. We pay serious cash for THINGS. The things that hang on our walls. The things that decorate our things. People to clean our things. Move our things. Fix our things. We wear our things. Shine our things. And go broke over things.
We give a lot of power over for more things. Better things. Nicer things.
We think these things say something about us. They show our personality. Our status. Our coolness. Our fitness.
The things add up. They pile up. They stop being things that we enjoy, love, and give, but things that take and take and take. They take up space. They take up energy. And they're just things.
T H I N G S.

Purge your things to purge the heavy energy of your soul.
Keep what brings you lightness. Keep what brings you joy. And let go of your obsession with things. You don't need them. Trust me... You do not need them.
thank you for the reminder Maxie


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