Have an opinion

if we instead pass judgement on our daily life challenges and make them “wrong” and resist them, we end up feeling trapped by them, as though it’s not even possible to have a life of joy.
We feel defeated by life instead of realizing how every single one of our circumstances actually provides a means for us to express our Perfection. Neale Donald Walsh

I am sharing excerpts of  an article here written by one of my favorite ladies Maxie Mccoy

Be someone that brings something to the table. Be a person who expresses. Have thoughts. Share your energy. Stand your ground. And for the love of sunsets and puppy dogs - hold an opinion. have an opinion. share your opinion.
Do not coil down. Do not retract. Do not always remain in such an area of gray that you lose your distinction. Stand for something. Stand for lots of things. And don't be afraid to share it.
When you find yourself without opinions it's typically out of a need for someone's approval. It comes from a place of wanting to be affirmed because you agree with whomever is around you.
How often are you muting your opinion? Sometimes, this is smart. Very smart. But many times your lack of opinion stems from that deep concern with what others will think of you. Of a deep desire to please.
You're not going to become an asshole just by having an opinion. That's a status reserved for people who have opinions and try to force their unproved belief on others. They project. And with it they hold no place for understanding, for empathy, for another person's place in life.
That's not you. You'll be the person with an opinion. The same one who can share their voice while still showing such kindness. You can communicate, you can share, you can help someone see your opinion while still understanding theirs. You don't make someone wrong. You don't make yourself right. You simply have an opinion. And you share it when it makes sense.


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