Houston Book Tour Day 5 - A Break in the Norm

Burn the draft, the plan, the strategy that you thought was everything - Danielle La Porte

Today I am taking a break in the touring to participate in a meeting focused on the effect of climate change on small farmers in small and developing nations, following on from that I will go out and see Houston a bit. I have the privilege to work with small farmers and community businesses in my country through CANARI and UNDP to look at the climate change effects on their businesses. I will be paying attention as this is part of the lessons on the journey
It is evident to me that I cannot live in a vacuum as I am connected to everyone, as Neale Donald Walsh says, all of us are one, even in A Course of Miracles they talk about that the only thing that needs to be healed in the world is our sense of separation.
When I think and believe that I am connected to my brothers and sisters my behavior changes.
And even more key is that when my actions impact me, in a way that causes me stress or is unhealthy or harmful, I know it will impact others.
What I do to you I do to me
Catch that


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