This supposed life

This supposed life
You are caught up in what you’re supposed to do and how you’re supposed to be. You’ve decided that there is a way you’re supposed to act and a way you’re supposed to live. Your entire life has been designed to support the illusion of what life is supposed to be like.
You pressure yourself not to feel the emotions you’re not supposed to feel. You allow more than you should because you’re not supposed to get angry. You do what good people are supposed to do, be quiet. This supposed life is slowly killing you.
Why not try doing what you feel called to do? Why not be who you decide to be? Why not say what you want to say? Why not go where you want to go?  Why not feel how you want to feel.
You’re are only supposed to be you. The only fairytale worth living is the one you design for yourself, anything else is not supposed to be for you. 

Thank you Stacey


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