The Absence of Proof

Our beliefs about life and ourselves form and then come true for us when we find evidence to support them. By acting ‘as if’ we start creating evidence to prove this new belief about ourselves is right. Deborah Johnson

I was having a conversation with one of my favorite people, she said to me "you doubt because you want to see evidence, the evidence is missing according to your perception and you forget that you are creating the evidence and sometimes in fact all the time creation takes time"
All I could have said was hmmmmm!!! because I know that what she said is that it made absolute sense.
Doubt- the absence of what you believe is true, 
Doubt - looking for something you feel is not there based on your limited sight and perception.
Doubt - questioning what you asked for and questioning the wisdom of the Universe.
The Universe is smarter than you! And it simply creates what you ask for and wants you to pay attention. If you plant a seed and then uproot it please do not expect it to grow. Doubting is uprooting.
When our senses does not see evidence (based on our limited perception) we doubt!
I have learnt that in my moments of doubt it is not the absence of faith it is the absence of proof.
Don't let no doubt fool you
Every single doubt is a tool


  1. I used to doubt too and my friends and even strangers had more faith in me than me. Sad but true. It's especially difficult when leaving your comfort zone and traversing unsure and deep waters. But although as humans (and even the most confident and 'successful' amongst us at that) we would still have pockets of doubt from time to time. It's of utmost importance that you surround yourself with genuine people who support you and believe in you no matter what so that even when you doubt you will be elevated so high that you too begin to believe. I am reaping the rewards of that now and my doubts are slowly dissipating. God is phenomenally great. Faith is 150% important. The Law of Attraction is always at work when you believe.


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