Day 4 National Black Book Festival

Stop Asking “Why?”: You don’t need to know why you do or don’t do this or that thing. You simply need to behave differently. Asking “why” is really just an attempt to go back in life to where you “dropped the stitch on happiness” and reverse-engineer your mistakes. In other words, “why” is generally a focus on the past but the key to happiness today is to focus on TODAY’S right actions. Jen

So Texas was under storm threat! the rain and wind was relentless, the event was cancelled! I was disappointed, I started counting - well counting lost cash and all other forms of what if's! And then, I remembered the lessons, make friends with reality and move on.
I t rained all day.......
The opportunity arose for me to spend time with my cousins who I grew up with who came to the book festival to see me, to support me, to relax, to stay inside and eat my favourite foods, bake and saltfish! And so my smile reappeared as I could not put a price on this
Had so much fun with my peeps, I cannot count or measure that! I ate my favourite foods, laughed and talked and had fun
Yes indeed, rest is productive and today I am up and recharged,ready to go
Houston, there is no problem.....


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