Give your body a break

no one else can give you what you have not yet given to yourself.
If you do not have what you crave in life right now, no one else can give it to you. And if you haven’t been able to give it to yourself, then what?
In my experience, what is needed is a new perspective. We must learn to see ourselves and our lives from a different place. Neale Donald Walsh

The body keeps score and it always wins- I heard that today and it resonated with me.  The lady went on to describe that we hold on to things and then the body says "hey, no more" and when it says that the body breaks down through pain, illness or it just stops and shuts down! So in the main, when we let it go the body is free to do what it is supposed to do
And I am referring here to the internal work, because it all starts inside, it is really inside out.

So the thing that you are holding on to, let it go, hell even the tax authorities only "chase" you for a certain time, after they let it go! When you keep the things in it leaves no room for your good to come in, for new things to be attached and find it's way into your life
Let it go, give your body a break!
Try a new thing, have a new thought, make another choice.



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