Make friends with now

When you are Present, when your attention is fully in the Now, that Presence will flow into and transform what you do. There will be quality and power in it. You are present when what you are doing is not primarily a means to an end (money, prestige, winning) but fulfilling in itself, when
there is joy and aliveness in what you do. And, of course, you cannot be present unless you become friendly with the present moment. That is the basis for effective action, uncontaminated by negativity. Ekhart Tolle

Make friends with now, it is one of my absolute favorite lessons, it translates to me the following
1. Pay attention
2. Be present
3. Accept the reality of the situation in the moment as it is, not as you want, think or believe it ought to be. Acceptance does not mean that you like it, it means you recognize that this is what it is and make peace with that in order to assist you in deciding what is the best way forward
4. Make a decision - change the situation, if you could or leave it, Moaning does nothing to advance me into a place of peace.

I find myself saying it when I am in a bit of a jam! "Make friends with now, sis" and it triggers something, sometimes it may even be a little bit of a cry before action is taken and other times it may be the biggest bellyful of laughter! then its action time
Works for me! Try it and tell me what lessons you can share on your own journey


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