What are your rituals?

Inspiration doesn't turn its back. You do. I did. The only difference between periods of frolicking with inspiration and those empty of it is OUR daily choices. Do you cultivate a warm and inviting lifestyle for inspiration to come into? Do you open the door and invite it in? Do you stay open and connected to your deep sense of self on a daily basis? Maxie McCoy (love her work!)

What are your rituals? What are some of the things that you do daily, consistently which brings about the spark, the connection to your highest self, that fuels the inspiration that lives within you? What are the things that make it into your daily life, consciously? I mean the thing that you do everyday which brings a smile to your face, that ignites the fire within?
You don't have any? Well sisters and brothers, why not? Why would you prefer to not do something consistently which inspires you, motivates you, reaches into your soul? It could be as simple as a walk in the park, a football game on the greens with your friends, a green daily smoothie, candles and a book in the tub, listening to some uplifting music while in the shower, whatever it is
I love to wake up early go onto my porch write in my journal and read something inspirational while eating watermelon and  bananas and share it with the birds who come around now like my own personal friends. I write in my gratitude journal as well, I do it everyday wherever I am it's too bad I can't take my bird friends with me!
Your rituals.....
Figure them out. Commit to them. And connect like you've never connected before to your energy.


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