Take a hit for the team. You don’t think you’re learning lessons just for your own good, do you? 
Risk being disliked (actually, it’s not a risk, it’s inevitable.)
Risk being very very misunderstood (and you don’t know how much that hurts until it happens.)
Say what you feel — in every possible way.
Burn the draft, the plan, the strategy that you thought was everything.
Pray. On your knees. (When’s the last time you did that?)
Cut people out of your life.
Humbly make amends. Danielle La Porte 

My friend Stacey told me to stop living a "supposed to" life
I asked her what she meant
She told me that I say " I am supposed to....." quite a bit and many times its bull shit and fear talking
I am supposed to stay calm, supposed to be making better decisions, supposed to know what to do and when even when I never came up with that situation yada yada yada
Miss supposed woman
All I am supposed to do is to be myself!

So many lessons learnt over this past month about myself and I can only say that I am grateful for it! Im supposed to be! LOL!


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