Find me in the midst of the maelstrom

Find me in the midst of the maelstrom.Sometimes events whirl around you so quickly that they become a blur. Whisper my name in recognition that I am still with you. Without skipping a beat in the activities that occupy you, you find the strength and peace through praying my name. Later, when the happenings have run their course you can talk to me more fully. Accept each day just as it comes to you. Do not waste your time and energy wishing for a different set of circumstances. Instead trust me enough to yield to my design and purposes.Remember that nothing can separate you from my loving presence Philippians 2:9

Houston, I thank you, each time I pray for the events to be that which I can be my highest self, share the lessons as authentically as possible and learn from it and leave all other expectations my prayers are always answered in unexpected ways that usually blow my mind. It's call surrender,being open, flexibility.
Are you willing to do what is required to get what you say you want?
That may involve doing things differently and outside of your comfort zone
It may also involve new people, new situations and being scared.
The results are always worth it


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