Discipline - be a disciple for it

It's a matter of discipline - It's all about intent - Neale Donald Walsh

Discipline your mind - think the thoughts that provide you with the life you desire, read the books that provide the information, inspiration, and knowledge, watch the TV with intention rather than to numb yourself from your own real life. 
Discipline your mouth - say what you need to say, the truth, and say it with love. 
Discipline your actions - it may be hard, it's worth it because hard now means getting what you desire later
Discipline your body - what's going in. Eat well- eat for nourishment, feed your body well. Who are you letting in that space? 
Discipline your environment - order - order is the law! order in your mind translates to order in your environment and order in your life. The Universe is orderly, night will not fall during the day and the moon will not shine in the day, the seasons follow each other
Discipline is a word associated with pain and punishment and for that gets a bad wrap. Discipline is such a key quality required for success and without it the journey becomes tougher.
Discipline is the quality that allows you to get up early when you are tired to complete a task, to say no and set boundaries, to focus on your vision and shape your own mind!
Discipline - be a disciple for it


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