Restoring Balance

Our ultimate goal is to find balance within ourselves so we can BE HAPPY and BE LOVE. When we choose life affirming and soul fulfilling activities, relationships and jobs we are naturally spiritually fed through the joy of simply being ALIVE. When we are in balance - we enjoy our life, we feel our connection to our soul, the Earth, the Universe, Creation and each other. When we are in alignment with our true self, we are fully connected to the present moment and enJOYing life to it's fullest experience without the egoic expectations and demands of the ego. S Ruer

I met a fascinating lady yesterday, and before I knew her story she said to me " We know when we are off balance, we get signs from our bodies, it may be a cold, a pain in the neck or feeling tired all the time" I immediately thought hmmm I can relate to what she is saying, right there and then because I was feeling out of balance, I was running on gas on empty having spent the entire day in a meeting without eating coming off a plane a few hours before. I asked myself "Why?Why am I doing this? What is there to prove? And the honest answer was one that drove me to rest today, I even posted this blog late (forgive me!!) I would make time to watch football on a Saturday or a weekend I haven't done that in ages, I would make time to go sit at the kitchen table with my granma, haven't done that in months, my happy place has been a big ole bar of chocolate..... with fruit and nuts
Terry Mc Millan says "sometimes it is absolutely essential to do nothing and feel not one ounce of guilt" and this is where I am today
Where are you? I am restoring balance


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