Flap it out

The funks, blues, I feel weird moments or series of moments have all kinds of life nuggets to show you. You’re learning. You’re expanding. Look for the light Maxie McCoy

Nature teaches me so much, I sometimes forget that I can turn to nature to learn lessons as well
Everything is for a season - look at the the change of seasons, they never last forever, as much as sometimes we moan that the winter is dragging on it shifts just at the right time and cannot be rushed
It cannot rain forever, at some point the rain stops and the sun comes out again and it cannot be rushed
Grass can grow anywhere even in pitch and concrete
The sun and moon comes out silently but the effect is oh so awesome
The sky is there all the time, look up and see somethings that blow your mind
So with that reminder I got outside in the nature of Houston for a run after the rain and storm stopped andbumped into a lake with some ducks and turtles
The ducks, looking oh so grateful on the watr, swimming away I shouted at them "look at you not a care in the world, no bills and no money stories" They must have heard me two ducks started fighting and to see it was something else
The ducks fought, battled it out, then flapped their wings like they were so mad for a minute and joined the crew again like "hey I dealt with it, flapped it out, let's go" I looked at that and said hmm why don't I just flap out my issues and go, get back into the fold, I decided then yea that's my action from today
Flap out and go!
Thank you duckies



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