Ego Lessons

When you become present your life acknowledges your presence. Being present is key to letting the universe know you mean business, ready for abundance and purpose. Living a life of false layers will cover your direct connection to the universe. You might as well wear an invisibility cloak, well if they had such a thing. Unleash your ghost and dance with them darlings. Speak with them truth. Show up. Entirely. Unapologetically. The good and the ugly. The moment you step into your true self is the moment you become Limitless... Author Love Juliet

The ego teaches us that things like credentials,prestige,money and worldly power are more important than love. It counsels that we are separate from others, that we have to compete to get ahead, and that we're not quite good enough the way we are. And by our thinking such things, we perpetuate a world in which they seem true.
Such things such as credentials, prestige,money and worldly power refer to our external selves, and our external selves are not who we are. Once we know this, we escape that world and begin to realize that we are here to love, forgive,serve and heal. "all those fancy titles and things you own says something about you, but they can never be who you are, once you know who you are,you will always always be very fine" Peace


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