Houston - we have no problem...

There is meaning in everyday experiences - Byron Katie (I love her!)

Day 2 in Houston Texas, I have family living in the area and it is always so good to see them, they took the opportunity to meet me yesterday and it is always so funny that I always ignore that they have very strong opinions on how I ought to look! So as soon as they saw me we they commented that I need a spa, too many bags under the eyes, no manicure, no pedicure, to me I really wasn't bothered and I just got off a flight. But what I have learnt is that relinquishing all concern about a gift given is all that matters and to now be open to receiving as giving is also part of receiving and being able to receive is part of me signalling to the Universe that I am worthy, I am enough
So we drove to the salon, I took the pampering and it felt super duper good!

Today is a packed day at the National Black Book Festival, the sessions start at 8am with a breakfast seminar and I am now fully pampered!


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