Anger - On the house!

If you want to live in the light you have to call things out of the darkness by their real name.  (Hot white truth, author)

So I had a penny dropping moment yesterday! Anger is ok, as it is, a feeling, what gets tricky is how you chanell it and express it! Well golly! I always always thought that being angry is a last resort, a no no, stay away from it at all costs!!! not the ideal spiritual response!

But now I know better! Yes, you create your reality, yes you do not have to go down the victim route, yes to forgive is freeing I still maintain all of this 100% but here's what I learnt, making excuses for other people's behaviour or conduct can make you a victim and invalidate your own pain!

So what did I learn today?
Anger - feel it without judgment, sit with it for a moment, deal with it and let it go! You gotta air it out!
The thing is you got to let it go so you can grow, you got to let it go, just breathe!


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