Just BE!!!

Beneath every addiction is the perception that power is external, as the ability to control and use the environment and others. Beneath every addition is the issue of power. Your addiction may be food, drugs, anger, sex, cigarettes – (Gary Zukav, the Seat of the Soul)

She asked me where do you think your power comes from.  I said well what kind of power you talking bout?? She said, we had a similar conversation before, do you remember? You think you have chase power, you been taught that your power comes from things, stuff, position, it’s something you have to get, so you hunt for it, chase it, look for it, some of you even marry it because you feel any association with it, that you become it. Then when you “get it” you still keep searching, still yearning to be powerful! My dear, you can be given authority, privilege, entitlement and all that but you will not experience it as power until you let it come from within YOU. Power is internal! Do you not tell me that those ladies up North as powerful? What “stuff” do they have?  What position, what? Listen to me; you cannot give away your power, you hearing me? You can choose to not use it, you can squander it, you can abuse it, misuse it, but you cannot give it away or go searching for it outside of you!

Listen, hear me well, Stop chasing after stuff and just BE, just BE it! Your sense of power doesn’t come from the stuff ,from having the stuff it comes from who YOU ARE! Stand where you are right now and allow to run free the power in you! Peace!!!


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